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KAS Neo Password + Face Recognition Lock

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Unlock your door using the latest facial recognition technology.

Face Recognition Lock:

This door lock uses face recognition technology to unlock your door. Simply enrol your face in settings and the lock safely captures a copy of your features. Approach the door and present your face to the camera, the door will automatically unlock for entry. This face recognition door lock is the newest feature of the keyless access range offered by KAS exclusively.

– Door lock opens by facial recognition
– Unlocking modes: Face Recognition, RFID Card, Password
– Capacity: 100 faces, 100 RFID cards, 100 Passwords
– Battery operated
– Reversible handle
– Works using glasses

Hardware Installation:

– Super simple installation and can fit almost any swinging door.
– Installed by any handyman or builder, you do not necessarily need a locksmith to install this lock.
– All components and screw fittings come with the lock
– Lock escutcheons supplied: front and back handle
– Comes with a user manual
– Reversible 60 mm backset stainless steel tubular latch

Product Details:

Facial Recognition Lock Tech Specs:

It is not recommended to have them exposed to direct Rain, but they can be installed outdoors when under a canopy.

Operating condition: Temperature: -20`C -60`C

Working voltage: External: DC7.5V-12V

                            Battery: DC4.4V-7.4V

Supported card type: MF CARDS/ISO/IEC 14443-2
Screen: 2.4″ touchscreen LCD
Audio output: Present
Real-time clock: Present
LED lights: 1*red, 1* blue
Camera: 1* visible-ray, 1* infrared ray
Color: Silver / black
Unlocking modes: Face+PIN+Cards+Key
Face Capacity: 100 capacity
Password Capacity: 100 capacity
Card Capacity: 100 capacity
Password: 6-8 digits
Languages: English with voice guidance technology
Fake Fingerprint Read Time(FAR): <0.00001%
Right Fingerprint Misread (FRR): <0.1%
Matching Speed: <0.8s
Working under a completely dark environment: YES
Can open by photo: No
Powered by: 4 pieces of AA batteries
Battery Lifetime: 12 months
Warning: Low battery warning function
Working Voltage: DC 6V
Emergency power supply: Yes, connecting to a mobile charger
Suitable for: Wooden doors
Net Weight: 3.5KGS

Unlocking Records: Does not track unlocking records

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