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Amazon Echo - Australian Quick Start Guide

Australia is known for its rugged bush, not its Amazonian rainforests. 

Is that why the Amazon tech company ignored us for so long?

Well, they sure have made up for it in 2018. 

Quicker than we could say "where'd the summer go", we now have the Amazon Marketplace, Amazon seller central, Amazon Prime, Amazon FBA and most importantly the Echo family of products. 

Nimbull Smart Home has been in R&D mode with the Echo in our showroom since the start of 2017.

You probably jumped on the Google Home bandwagon late last year. 

What does Google Home have over Echo? It's definitely the Chromecast and Google Native features integration. 

What does Amazon Echo have over Google Home? It's definitely the FAR Superior range of Skills that can transform the way you get things done at home and work.  

Have you set up the greatest "Alexa Skills" and "Smart Home Integrations" yet?

Here are the 5 top things to get excited about!

1) Flash briefings:

"Hey Alexa, what's the news". This has changed the way we get news and is now our go-to source every morning. What's better than keeping your eyes on your cereal bowl as you hear handcrafted news read to you? Better than battling with a soggy newspaper! Here's what our current flash briefing looks like below. We like to get stuff in this order - 1) weather 2) news from the left and right side of politics 3) sports 4) the word of the day!

alexa flash briefing

2) Most used Alexa Skill - "7-minute workout":

Alexa guides us through a 7-minute workout every day "for a happier healthier life". Thanks for caring Alexa!

3) Drop-ins:

Use your smartphone and any Echo Dots as walkie talkies! What better way to spy on the wife when you are at work?

4) Smart Home Integrations:

No Hub required for most products! Smart Light Bulbs and Smart Switches can automate your home and work out of the box, without the need for complicated Z-Wave or Zigbee hub devices. See our best selling smart home products here.

5) Free Music! Try these:

"Hey Alexa, play 102.3 The Beat on iHeart Radio"

"Hey Alexa, play ABC Radio on Tune In".

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