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Amazon Echo Spot - Australian Release Date - From Dot to Show to Spot!

The Amazon Echo Spot is coming down under!

It will be released on April 26th, and cost $200 AUD.

We've gone from Dot to Show to Spot!

Want the benefits of a visual interaction without the kitchen bench real estate stealing size and cost of the Echo Show? The Echo Spot could be perfect for you.

It's $200 price point also puts it in "gifting range" (for a very special person).

Here's what we are excited about:

  • We've loved the long range mics we've enjoyed on our "echo plus". It does make a huge difference to how much you will enjoy the product. The Echo Spot will have better range than the Echo dot, with four in-built microphones with noise-cancelling and far-field technology to hear your commands.
  • "Alexa, show the babies room on Echo Spot". The Echo Spot will unlock special features in Australian Smart Home devices, thanks to camera and video capabilities. Imagine asking your Echo Spot to project what your Arlo camera is seeing at the front door, or in the babies room. So cool! What about a "Ring doorbell" product - you can see who rings your doorbell right away. Ray Barone would have died for one!
  • Love "drop-ins"? This is the feature where you effectively use your Echo as a walkie talkie with family, friends and coworkers. Well adding video could make it even better, with a front-facing camera and video calling. You may want to point it away from the bedroom mirror though! 
  • It comes with a stand which you can purchase separately. This will be critical for anyone looking to do serious video calling or view it from different angles.
  • Obviously, a display of 2.5-inch and a small 2W speaker is nothing to get too excited about, but what else do you expect for such a small form factor?


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