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Ultimate 2019 Smart Home Cheat Sheet - CES Las Vegas Highlights

smart home tech ces

The ultimate cheat sheet to the exciting new smart home products which will be gradually released over 2019. Don't even think about extending your smart home without considering this cutting edge smart tech. The overall theme at CES Las Vegas 2019 is brands have seen the potential of smart home sales and have moved from selling one item to moving to MULTI CATEGORY. Most brands are now trying to have a range of smart lights, smart cameras and more.

MUI - Smart Wood Panel Controller

Controls Spotify and has Google Assistant built in. Looks absolutely amazing and modern.

Ring - Door view camera

Through the peephole! Made for renters and apartments. They will have even more lights and sensors.


Has a new "max drive" as storage for their cameras.


They now have hex shape, and are touchable to activate colours!

Lametrik Sky

A competitor to the Nanoleaf light panels.

Sphero Specdrums

Turn colours to tones. Want to play a banana and an apple as a kick drum and high hat? I do!


They will have some awesome cameras. "Visions" is a great motion sensor.


A smart lock with a camera on it.

Answer - Maximus and Onelink

New video doorbells.


They are moving into the doorbell market. Surprise surprise! I'm sure it will rock!


Loved the Whirlpool brand since I was a kid. They own Kitchenaid. It's a smart display with Google Assistant that you can rinse in the sink! They also demoed a wall oven where the front glass is a touch screen and display. It can display recipes! Mother's day present? She'll either love it or attack me with a rolling pin.

Safe and Sound

A new smart Smoke alarm.

Tp-link Light Strip

Has very targeted control on sections of colour, and can have them all change simultaneously.


They have a new smart light bulb with 100 w pumping out 1500 lumens. That is super bright, and just might be the brightest in the industry. Have aliens landed!?! Only 22 USD. It actually needs a vent for the heat. They also have some light strips which is great if you want to stick to the SENGLED ecosystem for everything. 

Schlage Encode

Big news for the Aussie smart lock market. A smart lock with full wifi so no hub needed. The battery won't last as long as the bluetooth Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolts because those run on bluetooth, but it solves one major problem. You will be able to change codes and unlock from a completely remote location with the Schlage Encode. You could only do that with the Schlage Sense series if you had the WIFI adaptor, but this was never released to Australia.


Smart Robot with Alexa integration. It's an Echo on wheels!

Honeywell T9

A thermostat from Honeywell will obviously be more premium than other brands.


More smart lights to choose from.

Deebot Ozmo 960

A new camera robot vacuum. The 930 is already available. Wanna see all those dead cockies get swept up? You know you'd take a peak.

Arlo Ultra

4K video with a spotlight. Arlo's new camera base station called the "Arlo smart hub” will make it compatible with Zigbee and Zwave. Will also be HomeKit compatible soon.

Gryphon - Wifi Router / Mesh

With parental control and network protection. A competitor to Trend Micro Home Network Security and Norton Core.

Kohler Smart Bathroom

Smart toilet. Light up smart bath. Towel cupboard that frosts when you put your foot underneath via a motion sensor. The ultimate display of balling!

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