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Review of Sunricher's Zigbee/ZV DC Battery Powered Wall Rotary

We (virtually) sat down with Winne Yan, Business Developer at Sunricher, to learn about their smart lighting controller/dimmer.

What is your product called?

Zigbee/Zwave controller, I suggest below items:

What is your website?

In two sentences or less, what does your product do?

Smart lighting controller/dimmer by zigbee or z-wave system.

Where and when were you founded?
Shenzhen, China, Year 2007.

Have you won any awards or have something else you are particularly proud of?

Our products are all our own RD designed and our product mould is all our own design, not something you can buy same from market, our RD has more than 50 patents.

Do you comply with Australian standards and can be legally sold to Australian businesses and households?

Yes, we do, we have some items have SAA certification, and most of others have TUV CE and UL.

Who are your closest competitors and what do you differently?

We mainly look into world-class competitors to make long term improvement, our flexible hardware and software customized ability make us compatible in market.

What parts of Smart Home Automation excite you most?
Always innovation in software parts.

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  • The Sunricher smart switches look quite good. Do you plan to make them available on your site soon?


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