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Biotraka Aware Pet GPS & Fitness Tracker

Biotraka Aware Pet GPS & Fitness Tracker

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The Biotraka Aware is a small, lightweight device which fits securely to any pet collar. The Biotraka Aware enables you to track your pet's activity levels as well as their location 24/7 using a combination of Wifi, GPS and mobile networks.

Key Features

Activity Levels
To stay healthy its vital to ensure your pet receives sufficient activity. Biotraka Aware captures the activity levels of your pet & allows comparisons over different time periods

24/7 Location Any Time Any Where
Biotraka Aware uses a combination of three different geolocation technologies to ensure you can locate your pet anytime, anywhere. Biotraka Aware’s unique Cell Strength Technology (CST) allows you to pick up the strongest signal from any Telco provider giving you the best coverage available to monitor your pet’s location. When the device is in your WIFI area it will switch over to WIFI

All functions and tracking as well as activity levels are included in a simple to use app for your smartphone for both Apple and Android download from app store or google play (paid subscription required)

3 month subscription
This subscription will provide you with 3 months of coverage meaning you can relax knowing you can track your pet's location and activity through your Biotraka App.

Receive alerts to your phone when your pet leaves its safe zone

Longest Battery Life
Biotraka Aware offers the longest battery life of any pet GPS wearable in the market today. Is dependent on settings, usage and environment

Calendar Alerts
Set and receive alerts from the inbuilt calendar for your next vet appointment or tick, heartworm medications

Multiple pets
Can connect to the one app

Waterproof to IP67 rating. Built to like water as much as your pet does

Charging Time
1 to 2 hours via USB charger

Locating Time
1 to 2 minutes for GPS location (device must be able to ‘see’ sky)

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